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Welcome to our international article directory organized by categories in multiple languages. To publish your article send it to office @ . Since articles are moderated, they do not appear on the site until they have been approved.

People who are interested in using article directories to increase their traffic can read this and discover a really useful resource in that area.

There are plenty of good article submission sites available for you to submit your work to in order to improve the traffic flow to your website or blog using modern, working SEO methods. The problem for many people is finding the time to find them.

That’s where a site like this can come in very useful. By doing the leg work for you, we have come up with a current list of active sites that will accept your written work and publish it, thereby providing greater exposure to your creative talents as a writer and to help promote your own website in the search engine rankings for your particular topic.

You can write your own article and publish it in the following article websites :

You can still submit articles to directories and article submission sites, each with a link to your money site but nowadays, those links should be non-committal and definitely not containing your keywords. In other words, the anchors need to be bare url, site name or brand, generic (such as “click here”, “this site”, etc.). Once you’ve built up a strong neutral link profile, you can start adding links with your keyword as the anchor. This is to avoid falling afoul of the Penguin algorithm that counts links and their anchors and penalizes sites that go over a certain limit (which is unsurprisingly strict).

What this does is build a non-threatening link profile for your site that will not trip any red flags or cause any penalties. It’s still a good idea to get the links slowly, like in a trickle rather than in a flood. But over time you can end up with hundreds or even thousands of these and you’re site will only benefit from it.